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About Us

Explore and enjoy with the most experienced helicopter company in the Dominican Republic the majestic ocean view and surroundings of the entire Punta Cana area! It’s all about FUN! We’ll show you a breathtaking and unique side of the Caribbean. Our team of professional pilots and staff will make your helicopter excursion a long lasting lifetime adventure!

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Our Team

Our staff is characterized by their kindness and focus on good service to all our clients. We are dedicated to provide an unforgettable and unique experience before, during and after each of our tours. Safety and customer service are our priorities. We are HELIDOSA EXCURSIONS! Welcome!

Your Safety is Our First Priority

Due to the variability of the Caribbean weather, it may become necessary to delay, alter the route of flight or to cancel the flight if weather conditions dictate.

Safety and regulations require all aircrafts be loaded within weight and balance limitations. For this reason specific seating cannot be guaranteed and you may be accompanied by other guests on board of the aircraft.

Safety Accreditation

Our pilots and crewmembers adhere to the highest standards in the industry. Our security program is based on these four pillars:



Direct and indirect actions and policies that directly oversee flight operations



The real behavior in flight operations from the planning


All the elements in a program that support flight operations, including aircrafts, dispatch, maintenance, equipment, training and operative systems.


Air Security Program:

A formal program sponsored by management that is interactive and dynamic; its purpose is to raise awareness of security for the crew involved in flight operations.

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